Circumference of the tire

write the circumference of the tire you have and how you measured it.

My tires:

Duro WildeLife leoparde 26"x3" - 2220 mm
Nimbus NightRider 36"x2,25" - 2890 mm

(tailor meter) :roll_eyes:

The only accurate way to measure the circumference for an odometer, although tricky to do on a uni, is to measure it under load. Measuring it without your weight on it will give inaccurate speed and distance.

Tape a match across the tyre and position it on the floor.
Whilst sitting on the uni mark the floor where the match is.
Still with your weight on the uni roll it forward until the match again is under the tyre against the floor (one revolution).
Mark the floor again.
Measure between the two marks.

For greater accuracy, roll forwards twice and divide by two.

joggerdude, I know it. :sunglasses: I want to know the circumference without any damages on tire (under load, without pressure…). But thank you for your post, maybe it’ll be helpful for somebody.