Shot one cold dark night in Cologne, Germany.

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My favorite video. Really makes me want to do some flatland…

Amazing riding! :astonished: , I really loved the lighting and flow of the camera, it did get a little bit dark at times but it was still very enjoyable

Is that the new KH freestyle uni or am I mistaken?

i really enojyed watching this video.
that filming was impressig. it looks really good in this light (:

O how I love SINCO, and of course love Spencer… match made in heaven.


really sweet video tho :D.
EUC Winter 2011 fingers crossed

Really cool video! The music made it feel new and different and the riding was obviously amazing.

0:32 was a cool trick.:smiley:

Great riding, and definitely some of the best production values I’ve seen :sunglasses:

This is the Sinco vid I have wanted to see for so long.
Awesome. Thank you so much.
So many sweet tricks. And the glide to outflip or whatever it is at the end was awesome.

Loved the dancin to Jammin.

Keep up the great work JiM.

Yep! coming soon to a UDC near you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats right, its almost spring. Is there a release date for that yet?

Both Jim and Spencer did a great job on this video.

Jim, I’ve been watching a lot of the Sinco videos lately and have been loving them. I really like Zen Junkie and Krisz Shred. They make me want to get into video editing more, but I just need to find willing subjects to let me film them.

Spencer, awesome riding as always. I can’t believe how good you are getting at flat. I still can’t even do a crank roll.

the lighting was so pretty.

spencer was good too :stuck_out_tongue:

never been a huge fan of flat, but i really enjoyed that.
felt soft and flowy, but there was something gritty and raw about it that i liked…

anyways, nice work boys.

gaaah. Spencer slaaaaays!

The intro was just stunning, loved it man. I’d feel so awesome to be in a sinco vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

We’ll make it happen Chris… :wink:

Ahhhhh!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be a sick video too. Sinco Chris :smiley:

This was awesome! But I don’t think it was completely flat! It was a mix of freestyle and flat! I would call it flatstyle or flreet! lol :wink: