I’ve had my HD camcorder for a while now, but it was only today that I tried the 24p cine-mode. It’s just awesome and the quality is very film-like! It’s also the first time I used it for some UCC filming; every one of my previous (13) UCC vids were shot with my digital still cam.

It also shoots in HD, but it’s just not close to the quality of my true HD camcorder. Hope you enjoy it as much as Morty enjoyed his oatmeal (At the end, haha). :smiley:

Good one unigeezer and the picture quality is excellent


Nice riding man. Asian dude was funny!:smiley:

That edge drop off at the 44 second mark looks very Kris Holm video worthy. You should have showed that to the Asian fellow so that he could have been even more very afraid.

Good for Morty that he eats his oatmeal.

I already told you on youtube, but great vid man.

I wanted to post this reply from a non-rider who saw this video in another forum. I think it’s exactly the kind of reaction we all hope for in terms of changing some of the most common stereotyped concepts of unicycling:

(I will reply to the direct posts to this video when I get back from the doctor. :slight_smile: )

Thanks John. I’ve been so used to my little digital for shooting hd video, since it’s so small and easy to carry. The hd quality is pretty decent, but the focus goes in & out and sony told me there’s nothing I can do about it. They said, “the video mode is really not the main feature”.

That to me seemed like an admission of the internal defects of that camera. Very disappointing. :frowning: From now on though, I’ll be using my full hd camcorder. The difference is like night & day. :slight_smile:

Thanks, yeah he was funny and so amazed he just stood there for like 10 minutes speechless, lol! I edited it down a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

He might have had a coronary, so it’s a good thing he didn’t see it haha!

Thanks Matt! :smiley:

Wow, very cool video! I really liked the part with the cliff :P.

awesome vid Terry, you are using your camera really creatively
i wish it would be longer :slight_smile:
keep it up!

Thanks Ben. Well, today I wasn’t as lucky and fell down a 100ft sheer embankment, just off the trail! Luckily it was smooth and I didn’t hit any rocks on the way down. As I was careening down, out of control, I turned onto my stomach with both arms outstretched, in an attempt to latch onto something-- anything–to slow me down. No luck! It took me 20 min to climb back out! Btw, The actual start of the fall is on video! :o

Thanks Jim. I really like this camera and I am doing my best to keep things interesting. :smiley:

UniGeezer and AsianWheezer!!!
The picture quality was immense.
You have really become one with the MUni…

Thanks Sean. OMG, I just realized that I passed my 10,000th post! :astonished: :smiley: