cicLAvia - Los Angeles

I’d be interested in riding with some other unicyclists, I haven’t been on my uni in ages though so I probably won’t keep up with bikes. Ideally I would choose to do McArthur Park to Chinatown or Mariachi plaza leaving at 10 or 11am and then take the metro back.

How many on unicycles?

CicLAvia organizers expect 150,000 people Sunday in heart of L.A.

7th & Alvarado at 9 AM on Sun for some cicLAvia fun.

7th & Alvarado at 9:00 AM on Sunday for some fun cicLAvia.
Please join me if you like and ride as far as you would like. Totally relaxed sort of thing and lots of fun. I’ll be joining a few friends on b*kes as well. The more the merrier. :slight_smile:

I’ll come out and join you. Do you have a specific place in the MacArthur Park area to meet up? With a big crowd it could be a little hectic.

Had a blast this weekend riding with my uni-student Anakin, and his mom Lila (I’m teaching her next!) both Saturday at the trail and today at CicLavia. Notice how I “tweeked” the “official” CicLavia logo just a tad, haha! :smiley:


Nice baton handoff to the dog Terry.

Anakin is a natural rider. Lots of talent to work with there.

I’m not so sure that Lila is quite as enthusiastic about learning to ride as her son is, but she did say “maybe” :slight_smile:

Although Anakin is only 12, he’s been riding a mtb for TEN years, developing into a very excellent rider. So that undoubtedly has been a big advantage.

Btw, in case you hadn’t noticed in the video, I “tweaked” the official CicLavia logo a bit!

Any plans for April 6th? I’d suggest starting at either MacArthur PArk or One Wilshire, in order to get there on the metro.

Oh yeah! Let’s get together like we did last time :slight_smile:

I’m planning on it. It would be great to have a time and place where we could plan on starting and riding together.

I’ll be there with my uni student Anakin. He doesn’t yet have a 36er, so we’ll be on our MUnis, which will be at least as much fun since last time we stopped at various places to do trials, stairs, etc., including a rooftop sesh! :smiley:

How about 10 am at the One Wilshire Hub at the eastern end of the course?

That provides easy access by metro, and bailout points on the way back at Wilshire Western, Wilshire Vermont, or Macarthur Park, if anyone isn’t up to the full 12 miles.

That sounds like a pretty good plan. Has anyone ever taken their unicycle on the metro? I haven’t, so just wondering how it goes. I wouldn’t want to put it in the regular bicycle rack. (I looked on their website, and they say folding bikes can be brought on board. I think a unicycle is probably a lot like a folding bike. Maybe it would help to remove the pedals?)

Would love to join you guys if I don’t have to work. Will keep you posted.

There is no issue taking a unicycle, even a 36" on the metro. The bike rack issue applies only to buses not the subway trains.

El Rey Theater at 9.

I will be meeting up with friends at

El Rey Theatre
5515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Please join us a 9. If not, we’ll hook up later :slight_smile:

I think starting at the other end works better for me. If my wife and son come with their bikes (which looks likely at the moment), I will drive and park in the big underground lot at Pershing Square, which is pretty convenient to the freeway.
So having both ends covered is probably a good thing – more exposure to more people. Maybe we’ll win some converts, or at least pique someone’s interest.
I’ll look for you along the route!

I’ll stick with 10 at the East End. I imagine leaving the west end at 9, you’ll likely be arriving at the east end around 10 anyway. Keep an eye out for us.

It’ll be great yo see you again. We’ll meet up somewhere on Wilshire. Cheers.