cicLAvia - Los Angeles

I rode cicLAvia on Sunday and it was a total BLAST. The amount of thumbs up for riding a unicycle was quite something. They were loving it!
However, I was missing fellow unicyclists.

Did you ride cicLAvia on Sunday 04/21?

Please post here if you want to join on June 23rd, so we can form
a group of unicyclists making a real cicLAvia statement.

I rode the first CicLAvia few years ago from Download LA.
It was a blast for me also! :smiley:
I also got lots of positive vibes riding my Coker.

Didn’t see any other uni. I hope to ride in it again.

I Rode

I rode from Sepulvida to the Beach, Rite down Venice Blvd.

I started out on Venice & Centinela and rode to Normandie and back. Seeing so many people moving about is quite a sight. The organizers guessed around 100k. Maybe more…

There is another bike event monthly in Los Angeles called LAcritcalMass.
I have not rode this yet. Has anyone rode your uni on this event?

More info:

I know DancesOnH2o was quite the Critical Mass unirider a while back. I won’t make it tomorrow, but I might next month. I just got a 36’er as in (4 days ago), so I am not up to speed just yet.

Sofar, it looks like there will be at least 3 on 36’ers…


This particular event runs from 10am-3pm. Apparently there are no set starting points and no registration required. Looks like the entire route is only about 15 miles, LA to the beach. Maybe if we have a 36er group we could continue on after getting to the beach, and take the bike path to the end at Will Rogers state beach, then back. I’d be down for it.

Last cicLAvia event was titled ‘To the Sea’, whereas the one coming up in June is ‘Iconic Wilshire Blvd’. The more unicyclists the better making a real presence in a huge event. This is not a fast moving crowd, so fast touring unicycles will not be needed.

Wow, less than three miles from Wilshire to Fairfax. Not much of a ride.

CicLAvia is coming up soon people. June 23. We have got to form a uniON. Who is coming?

Iconic Wilshire

No cars, open streets and the opportunity to explore one of the most legendary boulevards in Los Angeles by foot, bike, skates or other non-motorized transport marks the June 23 CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Boulevard… the most walkable CicLAvia route ever!

CicLAvia is open to the public and free of charge. Registration is not required and there is no starting or ending point along the route. From 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Boulevard offers six miles of car-free, open streets and participants can join the fun at any point along the route.

The CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Boulevard route will connect One Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles to Fairfax Avenue along Miracle Mile. These two anchor hubs will feature pedestrian zones with performers, activities sponsored by several fantastic museums, programming by some of our community partners, food trucks and more. Additional hubs along the route include MacArthur Park, Koreatown and Mid-Wilshire.

The day will also include a free, downloadable podcast by architectural researcher and commentator Edward Lifson, a Guide to Wilshire Boulevard by Catherine Gudis and designed by Colleen Corcoran, a family friendly workshop inspired by the Googie-centric geometry of the 1950s with artist Marni Gittleman, and more.

Wilshire Boulevard was first carved out as a long path through a barley field in 1895. While its beginnings were humble, this path has transformed into one of the most notable boulevards in all of the United States.
From 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on CicLAvia day, participants can stroll through a snapshot of the city’s architectural evolution from Victorian vision to modernist experimentation; massive towers of business to intimate houses of worship; world class museums to working class mercados.


I’d be up to join you on my 36. I haven’t been riding much lately. In fact the last time I rode at all was the October 2011 Ciclivia, but I’ll manage. Especially since there are so much fewer road crossings this time.

Can we meet at the Downtown end? It’s easier to get there on the metro and coming back I can bail at another Metro stop if I’m getting shaky. How about 11?

Glad you can make it:) There will be a few of us gathering based on an emails sent out, but at this point, we’ll be meeting at Fairfax & Wilshire. I’ll keep posting on this thread as we get closer. Cheers.

I can’t make it if it’s starting at Wilshire/Fairfax, because I know I won’t be able to ride the full 12 miles, but riding the other way there are several bailout points at metro stops. Plus getting to and finding parking near Wilshire/Fairfax will be much more difficult.

It makes a lot more sense to start from downtown as it’s easy to get to by public transport. Those coming from the west side could park free at Universal City or Culver City, and take the Red Line or Expo Line downtown.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Keep me updated on the plan and I’ll try to make it if I can.

Glad to see that you guys had a good showing!! This is the first one I’ve missed (did the last five)… was stuck in Denver for the past 5 days! See you at the next one (and many many LA Critical Mass events).

Speaking of which, Saw the notes re: LACriticalMass above. PM me if you are interested in LACM or have any questions about how uni-friendly it is.

HEART of LA / cicLAvia October 6th

This Sunday :slight_smile:

Bring yet 36’er, 29’er, 26, 24, 20 or whatever and uniON

I’ll be on my 36’er this time:)

What section are you planning on riding? (Looking at the route map on the CicLAvia website, it looks like it goes off in several different directions.) What is your planned schedule (if any)?

No plans as of yet. I’ll be joining some friends of mine and they will be on bicycles. My wife, too. That’s all i have got right now. But the Heart of LA layout is quite nice. Good stuff.