CicLAvia Is this Sunday

CICLAVIA is this weekend. On Sunday April 15th, the city of Los Angeles is opening about 12 miles of city streets to the non-motorized public and thousands of wheeled natives are hitting the street.

Just like the last one, I will be in the Bicycle District (the Western end of the route) at Scoops Ice Cream parlor at 10:30am and plan to head east by about 11am. Last year, deadbeatpope and ThisGuyIKnow joined me and we also ran into a couple of you Santa Barbara guys and a couple of other solo unicyclists (one on an eight-footer).

Awesome event, a great opportunity to spread some Uni-Love amongst the two-many-wheeled crowd. Would love to see you there!

This time I already have other plans and won’t be able to make it out.

Neck deep in a bathroom overhaul but I want to go…Should offer to ride bikes with family first but if they say no…:wink:

Thanks for the news David!

Schedule conflict for me this time around :frowning:

But my 29’r will be there with someone else on it :wink:

Going to see you there then? We’re gonna have a sunny day!

Glad there will be somebody on it… would hate to see your 29’er ghostriding…hahah. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

I will be there on two wheels with my wife and her sis. I’ll keep an eye out for you.