Ciclavia in LA This Sunday April 10

There will be a CicLAvia event this Sunday in downtown LA where some of the roads will be closed from 10 AM to 3 PM and cyclist of all kind will be welcomed. It is supposed to be something of a street fair. I have never attended one, and may not get to this one–it is a bit of a drive from my home.

If you are looking for something to do Sunday and are in the LA area it might be fun. Here is the website:


I don’t think my 20" will get me very far, so I will be riding my bike.

Spotted a guy on his giraffe uni. He was bare foot too.

Hey Scott! Missed your post about this one, but was all over it (heard about it from my cycling networks/forums)

Regarding the giraffe uni-guy… heard about him from a friend of mine but didn’t see him. I rode the entire course on my 36’er with my wife chasing me on her mountain bike. I did see another 36’er (coker) briefly, and a 29’er muni (kh?) also… guys, sound off if either of those were you!

Mayor Villaraigosa was in the cycling pack too on a mountain bike… really nice guy. Rode with him for a bit and offered to come and give him free unicycle lessons… pitched what a great thing it would do for his cycling image with the press…lol. His wife didn’t like the idea though… said “okay, this is where I step in” laughed and said that it’s too dangerous for her husband. Guess his broken elbow on a 2-wheeler awhile back was enough for her.

This ride was VERY mellow in terms of speed and VERY friendly in terms of people giving love to unicyclists. I’d like to think that a lot of those lonely craigslist unicycles will get snapped up by the hooters and hollerers that saw us uni-guys on the course.

And we can do it again in
and October

Let’s show Los Angeles how many wheels we have!!! Would be a blast to have a real unicycle peleton there in July!

I would enjoy making it to one of these events. I will try to get it on my schedule.


I guess I’ve been living under a rock… lol. I’m told that it wasn’t Villaraigosa’s wife, and the correcting party said “don’t you ever watch the news?” with a scandalous tone.

Methinks I’d better stay busy on the uni and avoid the news.