Chumash Trail

Usually when a mostly dirt trail gets this steep it’s loose. But the Chumash Trail is pretty much hardpack bottom to top. A leg burner, but gorgeous setting, right on the Mailbu coastline. Gotta hold a tight line or the cactus will get ya!

Nice Views!

Wow those are some really nice pics. The terrain looks very similair to what I ride here in Israel.(We also have tons of Prickly Pear Cactus!) However here in the summer the trails become scree filled which adds another challenge to the riding! Have fun!


I must have fallen of half a dozen times from sightseeing instead of watching the trail. And to top it off, a giant summer swell was pushing in some big, big waves. Always a great ride in Malibu!

What a superb looking place. How far is it all the way down - does the trail go right down to that beach we can see in the first pic? Doesn’t look as scary as the stuff you lot usually post - looks like I’d actually have some chance of riding that without being smashed to pieces (but things always look easier in pictures…)


I’ve run a lot of miles around some of those trails including Chumash, Pt. Mugo SP right? Or close by? Man I’d love go MUni some of those one day… :frowning:

Nice riding guys, excellent views of the sea, I’m envious of the dry weather more than anything. We rode last night and the humidity was over 90%, ugh!

Looks like an awesome, fast flow-type trail, Jon. Nice pics!

Couple other views from last year with Terry. Still doesn’t capture the steepness.

Looks pretty steep in the first one.


Now that looks more like the stuff I ride around here… the trail surface that is ;)! Just add about 90% humidity, a thick canopy of woods, weeds and undergrowth encroaching on the trail and huge face devoring spider webs (and spiders) and you’ve just about got it! Man riding in the Deep South sucks this time of year… sigh!

That looks awesome John! Thanks for posting. (Long time no see - are you coming to CMW)?