Chromoly hub clearances

I’ve just put my new 29er wheel into the frame for the first time and was rather surprised at how tight some of the clearances are.

The gap between the spokes and the bottom of the frame is miniscule, down to less than a millimetre in places.

Is this right? Should there be spacers between the bearings and the flanges? The spokes should straighten and move inwards a fraction when I tighten it properly, but it still seems extremely marginal.


Anxious of Somerset


There is no spacer… I agree it is close to the frame, but there is a gap.



I noticed that one my freestyle uni. Do you have any full pics of the 29er? The red and black looks promising ofa sexy unicycle!

It looks to me that both of you have plenty of room on the other side, so I personally would space it out so there’s plenty of clearance. If you rub the spokes with the frame, even only on uphills when the frame is flexing, you are compromising the life of the wheel.

My shiny and new 29er… :slight_smile:

I’ve only ridden it for about a minute before my knee decided it had had enough of this “bending” malarkey, but it feels great.

The frame is proper red rather than orangey; the camera is very cheap’n’nasty. chromoly hub
Sun Rhyno rim
IRC Mythos 29x2.1" tyre
36 DT Swiss somethingorother spokes, painted black (oooo!)
Nimbus X Frame, powdercoated red (ooOOOooooo!)
125mm BE cranks, cheap pinned pedals, KH seat (also red)

/me likes… :slight_smile:


29er_0007.jpg wide chromoly hub
Mavic 261 rim
Big (fat) Apple tyre
48 DT Swiss Tripple butted spokes
Nimbus I Frame (filed out to give extra clearence.
89mm cranks, pedals, KH seat (borrowed from Muni)

My back’s to stiff to ride it now :frowning:


I forgot the picture:

Oooooooooooo indeed! Very very nice and sexy unis! When my wheel etc arrives, I’m gonna go for yellow/grey/black saddle, yellow pedals and chrome everything else. Not sure how good it’ll look tho… BTW what’s with the laggy bands on the hubs?

I was wondering exactly the same thing last week! Apparently it’s just a little trinket to show that the wheel was hand built rather than machine built.

None of my other wheels have them, but yesterday I thought “why not” and put one in.

I have to wonder how long it will last before it deteriorates or snags on something. Mike’s appears to have plastic rings rather than elastic bands, but I’m a cheapskate… :slight_smile:


When I rode wit Tony Melton in NZ I noticed the bands. When I asked him about them, he said that Max’s dad built the wheels and the bands were to keep the hub clean. I guess that makes some sense.

I feel like I should go home and look at the clearance on my cycles. I know that on my suz hub with black Torker cranks, I have very little space between the cranks and the frame. I think this is because of me tightening the allow cranks constantly. I think it’s time for some new cranks.


The yellow plastic rings I put on the wheels I build have a serial number on them so I can tell that they were built by me & when they were built & the order number.