Christopher Wonderly

Hey everyone!

I am a mountain unicyclist from Philadelphia, Pa and I ride over at Wissahickon. Everytime I ride there, I consistently get told by mountain bikers that there is another unicyclist that rides down the other end of the trail…BUT I have yet to see or be able to contact him. From my investigations, it seems his name was gauss and he ended his posts by saying his name, Chris Wonderly. If you have a way of contacting him or know where the HECK he is, let me know! Please!!!

Peter Hildebrandt

He is located in Hatfield, PA.

If you know of a way to contact him, PLEASE let me know!! It’d be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help so far.


Did you send him a PM? He might be notified by email.

Yes I did! I was hoping it’d connect with his e-mail, but he hasn’t responded in about a week. I believe he just gave up on trying to find people to ride; however its been 8 years since he’s last been on. So, there are new riders in the area, like me, who’d like to ride with him.