CHRISTMAS VIDEO 2015 - Aidan Teleki

Hey Everyone!
2015 has been a really great unicycling year for me, I feel for the first time since 2011 that my riding has gone in the direction I’ve wanted it to go, from my record being 137 when the year started and now I’ve finally gotten to height that I’m really happy about. Here is my final video of 2015, it’s also a special for a special someone Lili Labus! Enjoy everyone!

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Thanks to everyone who helped push me to reach my goals, without you all I couldn’t have done it! Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store. smile emoticon

Merry Christmas! And turn up the BASS! :smiley:



Awesome job! Merry Christmas!

Thank you! To you too :slight_smile:

Woh. That last one O.O

Isn’t the world record like 137 cm? I know jumping over a bar is different from jumping on things, but still it looks like you’re way above 137.

Yes the world record atm is 137 over bar Mike Taylor, but he has also hopped higher than that now. :slight_smile: