Christmas Vid Part 1

Here it is! Due to upload errors it will be in three parts. None the less, enjoy!

Thousand Foot Krutch-Jingle Bell Rock

Nice, see you got the alien backflip from i got the same.

Really nice man! My favorite tricks are the hick kickflip, hickdouble, in-in sidejump and the last combo : wraproll to overflip :wink:
Keep it going :slight_smile:
The music is a little bit annoying for me, but it’s just my opinion, it doesn’t make the vid annoying :slight_smile:
by the way congrats, can’t wait to see your other 2 vids, so inspiring :wink:

Wrapwalk to overflip was so cool! You should try overdoubleflip! After what ive seen in your tricks that seems to be a trick that you could land easily.

Great flat!

Man your flat is great , I just dont like be the same scenario
Do not know if it was for other reasons, it was so despise I’ll say haha
you could have recorded in different places to make your video more engaging, but the contents of it was great haha your tricks are very good congratulations:D

Very nice dude! I understand that you can’t film other places cause it’s winter, and I always film in the same place too. Music was a little bit annoying. Tricks were amazing though, rolling wrap-overflip was sick! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the other two parts.

kick in my ass hahahahah!

Thanks, yeah I’m loving it.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I’ll have to give overdoubleflip a try, thanks for the idea

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I agree about filming in one spot but as Julia said, that’s just winter.

Here is part 2: