Christmas unis

Me and my mom have been baking today, and I found it the right time to create two custom unis. The right one is Gingerbread, and I don’t think the left one has a english translation (In sweden it’s named “Lussebulle”). Just look at the air seat on the left one!!

Merry christmas

That seat looks comfy!


sell it at

The left one looks almost like a pretzel or a bagel.


Saffron bun! Ha, I was bored so I looked it up…I have never heard of it before.

Looks yummy.

ok where is the chocolate chip cookie unicycles, u could have used the chocolate chips to make the seat and tire

LOL those are well cool wish i could have one! can you post one? i’ll pm you my address…

Great baking!

This is my christmas uni

(sorry about the rubbish photo, I took it with my phone)

Nice one!

In Norway, “lussebuller” are called lussekatter (katt=cat, katter=cats). Just today I was thinking of baking some, I’ll take a pic of my finished lusseuni and post it here.

Yeast – the new secret ingredient for an airseat. Wow.

one of my mates had a uni cake for his birthday! its was cool, but i dont have a picture