Christmas Unicycle Competition

When your decorating your tree this year don’t neglect your poor Unicycle.
Yes that’s right! Lights in your spokes! Tinsel on your frame! And BallBalls hanging from your handles!

Once you’re done decorating, post a picture of your Unicycle on this thread.
Tell us if its ridable
AND ofcourse tell us what people say to you on the street.
any “Mummy whys that funny clown riding a christmas tree?” OR people huming a mixture between “We Wish you a merry christmas” and “that circus tune thing”

Winner? ;o… on… lets say… boxing day I’ll announce 2 winners. 1 for the most “Artistic” and another for the one I personaly want to have. (based on the decorations ofcourse)

The winner and the winners Unicycle will be drawn as a character & unicycle for the Unicycle MMOCC I’m working on.

My Example

im in

you’ve already beaten me… :frowning:

I’m not going to give the prize to myself. I can’t win! Thats Craazzyy!! I’d be biest cause i’m great 'enall.

haha im in as soon as my frame has dried
and my unis back together. (Y)

do i get extra points if i make a movie,



Heres a couple of photos of my Crimbo Uni! It is perfect to ride, no problems. It has three Battery pack LED lights, the blue ones flash. I have already been riding at a school today for a Christmas party.

Liking the lights!

Mine has lights hidden on the spokes. Not very powerfull though.

i reckon give this comp a better longer deadline

Yeah sure. Umm I don’t mind when the deadline is… when do you people want it to finish?

here’s my entry. it’s rideable but only for a little while indoors and it’s great outdoors. People give me lots of funny looks but most people are impressed.

This competition is racist!
Or is the word religionist?

umm for none christmas followers…

You can enter the “Decorate your unicycle in tinsel, lights, ballballs and… soupy water? competition!”

There! Happy?

I think ducttape’s was snow lol.

I only have blue tinsel at the moment… and mum wont take lightly to me taking some from the tree lol. I will use my imagination.

yeah mine was snow. :stuck_out_tongue: it was in the tub to melt so it didn’t get the house all wet.

haha lucky, the snow here is terrible lol.

The snow here is really really wet snow. kinda powdery though…

It’s still better than slush lol. It never snows for long here, shame.

there’s hardly any snow where I am now(at the beach) but there’s still about an inch on the ground. at my house right now we’ve got 8 inches of snow and a half inch of ice on top of that.