Christmas Uni

I’m gonna get a new uni for xmas if a used one doesn’t work out. I could get a koxx devil from renegade juggling or a kris holm and pay for some of it, or get like a nimbus trials or torker dx and not pay for any of it. Is the koxx or kh worth it? I would pay for like 1/2 or 1/3 of it so like 150 or 200 :smiley:

Just get the Nimbus. Doesn’t look as cool, but it’s arguably as strong/stronger than the Kris Holm. Just be sure to upgrade to Moment cranks if you get the Nimbus.

Worth what?

I vote for Nimbus with KH cranks. Its an awesome uni.

Worth the extra money. Seems I might be getting a used one though :smiley:

A used what for how much money? It might not be worth it if your paying $350+ for something.