Christmas Time!!

If you haven’t seen the link on facebook then check it out now!

Hey guys! I know it’s late but here is our Christmas Video!!!

Christmas is 12 days long so I guess it still counts :slight_smile:

nice job on the KH sponsorship :wink:
massive hops and amazing switch style you got overthere…
Is it already as good as your ‘normal’ hop?

Well in the past few days I’ve done a lot of switch. It’s so nice to have both stances at hand for lines. I can do longer up gaps in “switch” and static is the same. I also did 11cm pre hop switch but I wouldn’t say it’s as good, but getting there :slight_smile:

Sick video,you know what i think cause id seen it already.What do you mean by 11cm prehop? or do you mean 111?

yeah whoops :stuck_out_tongue: 111cm

Is the arrow paper in your spokes to show when your riding switch? Because that might solve alot of problems judging comps. Unless they already do that. I think Eli’s th only one that knows everyone’s stances. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not my uni :stuck_out_tongue: