Christmas stuff!!!!!

Ok so i have been unicycling for about four weeks. I can 180 ride seat out in front and behind (i can also crapply seat drop).
I wanna get ready for unispins and such stuff. I tried one whilst muckin around and reliesed i cant really get my feet off the pedals. They are really grippy.
Any suggestions on any new pedals???

Also lookin for some shin guards either just shin or knee as well. I am kind of unsure of sizes.

cheers mike

You must be able to get your feet off the pedals, otherwise you could never dismount surely? For pedals i always suggest the DMR V12, light, double sealed, fully re-buildable and they do magnesium bodies and titanium axles for them if you really want to splash out. Also you can tune the length and number of pins to get the exact amount of grip you require. The base model is about £36, going up to £120 for mag/ti. You really need leg armour with them, the 661 4x4 is pretty much tried and tested by myself and hundreds of others, they work well. Use the search facility, there was a thread about getting the right size not very long ago. Best place to get the pedals and the armour is, i suggets you check it out.

CAn you really get the V12s for 36 quid?
You must be talking about the V8s right?

sixsixone is the place for any knee or arm or shin guards man. where em when practicing unispins for real. but u wont need em much after u learn unispins unless u take up like trials. which i hate.

No that sounds about right. I paid about £20 for my V8s, most places sell the basic V12s for about £40, but I can believe they could be found for £36.

Yes, my lbs does them for £36, I can’t find them any lower than £40 on the internet right now. I would never confuse the lowley, unsealed V8 with the magnificent, fully adjustable V12. Incidentally the lbs here in oxford does the magnesium bodies with ti axles for £99, which is somewhat of a baragin.

are you sponsored by Emerica? … too… lazy… (to complain about corporate whoring)

any bike shin-pads will do though…

[QUOTE=Murde Mental]
are you sponsored by Emerica? … too… lazy… (to complain about corporate whoring)

I wish, i have been skateboarding ages and am not very good (for how long i have been doing it) but i have been unicycling for 4 weeks and i am good (for how long i have been riding) :thinking:

yea man. i got a pair of Haro bike shin pads from and theyre great. i dont like the shin/knee combo though because i dont like the extra weight and i want to be able to move freely.

lollll… then I must be super good (for how long I been riding)

but anyways… I say for christmas u should get something rlly sexy… like a nice bedford hardcore uni or something like that… or an 05kh they nice too…

:frowning: I like my V8s - never given me any trouble even in really vile wet conditions. The bearings are adjustable and serviceable, grease injection point in the middle of the pedal body, etc. I’m sure the V12s must be better somehow, but the V8s are doing fine for me.