Christmas presents...

i have been asked by a parent of one of my friends to investigate the best deal for a unicycle for christmas. upon looking at i found that the best deal for a uni is the torker unistar LX 24 in. with the 48 spokes, 24X1.95 tyre and the miyata style seat, all for $99 US. seeing how this unicycle would be for a beginner i was thinking that it’s cheap enough to start on, yet tough enough to take a beating and then some. (seeing how it’s more masculine than mine) if anyone has any input please help, or, better yet, if you have a unicycle that would be good for a begginer and are willing to sell, please contact me as soon as possible. the upper end of the pricerange given to me is $100 US.

thank you for all of your help!


p.s. jay, or any other homie, if you read this, it is imperitive that you say nothing!

just for your convenience…

there’s the address.


for 100 bucks you wont find anything better. if they are willing to spend 200, get this

Or if you coud get them to spring 200 more, you could get this:

And if they are willing to spend 1400$… Okay, let’s stop that right now. Just tell them to buy a Torker. And depending on your buddies size get either 20" or 24". I’m only 5’8" and I’m fully grown up. So I’m short but I still like my 24" better. Almost everything I try, no matter if it’s trials, freestyle or MUni, it works better for me. Even with the 3" Gazza. But this is just y personal preference.

i say get a 24 for sure because you will get into it faster if you can ride places on it, and you wont want to ride anywhere on a 20.

Who’s it for? If it is for a little kid it is a good idea to fork out the extra 25 dollars over the limit and get the jugglebug deluxe. It comes with a skateboard helmet, wrist guards and a really great video. Unicycledotcom rules!

to answer the first question last, it is for a 16 year old female, and my understanding is that the extra $100 or $200 or $1.4K are very much out of the question for this family. she’s probably about 5 foot 9 ish, (that’s my hieght and i don’t think either of us look down on one another…) i’ve been leaning towards a 24 inch wheel, as mine is, whereas all of my friends have 20 inch. i’ve enjoyed my 24 over my 20’s for speed and the wieght isn’t that much more for the added speed, and it isn’t much worse than a 20 as far as space goes. so, as far as the uni’s offered at the unistar 24 inch is the unanimous descision on what is best and cheapest. if anyone else sees a problem in the logic here, please point it out.

thank-ey kindly