Christmas (or X-mas, depending on your views) help!!!

So basically, we’re not doing too well financially right now, and I REALLY want a coker for christmas.

unfortunately, my mom said the limit is around $100 :frowning:

Obviously (I know, I’m not retarded!) I can’t get a coker for this much, so I was wondering if there was any other fairly large wheeled uni that’s alright for distance that people could recommend.

I figured this would go here, but if you feel it belongs in trading post or somewhere else, well…i apologize.

Thank you!!


why don’t you take the $100 and put it towards a coker?

you could probably get your hands on at least $200 pretty easily.

I think the Sun 28" is a little under 100 bucks. It isn’t great or anything, but you can go distance on it. I have never really tried it out, but it is probably the only unicycle in that price range that you can afford and do distance on. I think they sell them on ebay and a few other places.

Hope that helps. Also, do a search on the product review section of the messageboard, I think that someone did a review of the Sun 28" that might be of use to you.

dont want to turn this into a debate but xmas is the same thing as Christmas but abbreviated. X (the greek letter chi) is the first letter of Christ in Greek.

Anyway I hope you find a way to get a coker. I really want want one too. Maybe you guys getting the new cokers can give us kids a cheap price on your old ones.

unfortunately, I cannot get a job (tried EVERYWHERE in town, and cant for another couple of monthes)

and working for my parents i get $5 for every hour and a half

so its pretty damn hard for me to get another $200!!

but i like the idea of u guys gettin new cokers to sell us kids ur old ones for cheap :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you get into the habit of working $200 comes faster than you might think. even at $3.33/hr you will have the money in just under 3 weeks if you work three hours a day. I don’t know what kind of work your parents are having you do but if it is like a job instead of just chores you could maybe ask for minimum wage. If you are doing a good job they might consider it.

When I was your age or maybe a little bit younger I was making about $100/week running machinery and working in turkey barns before school. It may not sound like fun but if you can get an early morning job it frees up your time after school to do what you want.

Well if you can’t save enough for a coker, maybe the alternative which is a 29er might be possible to get. :smiley:

When I work for them I work out in the field, doing hard labor, which is even worse for me, because I have back and neck problems.

Plus, there is NO WAY they would pay me anywhere near minimum wage, im LUCKY to get $5 an hour!

Over the weekend, I had to paint an archway thing (I dont know what its called specifically). It took me 2 1/2 hours to paint, then I went in to take a shower, and they stopped me and made me wash the cars.

All that as CHORES, NO PAY AT ALL!

$5 an hour with no taxes is probably better than $5.35 an hour with taxes.

Sounds like your parents are actually making you work. I think more parents should have their kids do that kind of work. Builds a work ethic and a usable set of skills.

I hated it at the time, but I’m now very glad my father made me (and taught me) how to prune trees/shrubs, cut grass (neatly), edge, basic woodworking, operate/care for small engine tools (leafblowers, lawn mowers, etc), powerdrills, painting techniques, and many other household skills that I’ve found incredibly valuable (now that I live in a house with other college students).

It feels like you should be getting paid, right?

Try to keep in mind that for each kid a couple rears to age 18, that couple spends ballpark $100,000 at least on that kid.

It’s good though, that your parents do pay you for working…makes you appreciate money a lot more than if they just handed it to you. You EARNED it!

Keep up the hard work!

except for the fact that 90% of the time they DONT pay me

I even have to get my own money for food at school!

Why do you have a sense of entitlement to being paid?

Your work is only a small repayment to the heaps of effort your parents put into raising you.

In the olden days, families (especially rural ones) would have more kids because to them, more kids equaled more labor they didn’t have to pay for. Not saying that’s the ideal or how things “should be,” but your parents aren’t employers. They are your parents. You aren’t entitled to being paid by them like from an employer. Be grateful that your parents, like mine, sought to teach me the value of earning money and paid me…some of the time. Lots of times I had to work for “free” too.

I’m sorry, I just get put off by people who have everything handed to them and never have to work. Clearly you are not in that situation, and I think that is something you will appreciate in due time, like I have.

I’m sorry if I sound preachy.

yea, but I have a brother AND a sister (both older) that dont have to do ANY chores, and when they do work, they get paid

I have to do a LOT of chores, and then when I work extra, I barely ever get paid

well, it sounds like your parents just hate you. it’s best just to run away and join the circus.

Thats the way life is the oldest male child gets the most chores. get used to it. my older sister never had to do much.
I work ~2hours a day with my dad doing yardwork for him but i dont expect payment because it is my house also.
I do yardwork at other peoples houses to get paid.

except im not the oldest male

in fact, Im the youngest child!

soo your saying you cant bring a lunch from home?

when i do work for my parents i dont get paid … i am the youngest to i have to older brothers that barely do chores for my parents…soo stop complaining about it…if you really need a money go get a job if you cant get an actual job… hand out flyer’s…rake someones yard

not really, considering we never have anything at home, and my brother makes us leave so early that i NEVER have time to make a lunch, or even get breakfast

and ive already tried to get a job SEVERAL times at several places, but around here NOWHERE hires under 16

which i wont be for another…3 monthes?

wake up earlier if you dont have time to eat or make a lunch… also you dont have to be 16 to rake someones leaves or do yardwork for some one just go around your neighborhood and if that doesnt work just wait 3 months

except i live in the middle of nowhere

nearest neighbors are a mile away, and are jerks, they threaten to run us over if we even come onto their driveway

jesus, the point of this was for suggestions for a big wheel, not why i cant get a damn job

what the hell is it with people on this thread and starting arguments about EVERYTHING?! :angry: