Christmas Morning Uni

I went for a little ride early Christmas morning before my kids got out of bed. It’s nothing too impressive, just thought I would share the fun I had on Christmas morning. Everything was still pretty wet so it was a bit slippery.

The file is .wmv about 7.5mb

Chirstmas Morning Uni

Sweet video! Loved the music. =p

That was a cool video. Looked fun.

cool. looks like you’ve got those unispins down. just curious, how much harder is a one-handed unispin than a two-handed?

Thats cool! I wish I went for a ride Christmas morning. Oh well, maybe next year.

Those were 180 unispins in the video. I learned them one handed so I can’t really say if they are harder or not that way. I think 360’s would be pretty hard one handed, but I am still working on those.

Hey you are to good for your uni :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! How high can you hop? I was working on my hops last night and managed to hop 19 inches SIF. I also did a 5 foot gap several times in a row! Nice Bedford frame by the way.

I can hop SIF about 21". I haven’t measured it with a tape, but it is a little higher than the top of my 20" tire.

First video I can’t play in VLC player.

Installed WMP11 codecs, works fine.

I guess I found a match for VLC player… Windows files.

cool vid, reaalllyyy liked the tune, i think the music isn’t used to its proper extend in most movies and could improve the movie a lot
nice riding especially that early :stuck_out_tongue: keep it up