Christmas is almost here (what to get???)

in another 2 months Christmas will be here and that means PRESENTS!!!
so I was wondering what uni I should ask for for Christmas? My idea was a Qu-ax, it’s within a reasonable price and sounds useful for a first “real” unicycle.
Are there any other good unicycles at unicycle(dot)com that sound useful and are $300 or less? (hopefully a nice trials :slight_smile: )

new torker '06. they’re sexy.

for me, i’m going to ask for a bunch of little stuff, like a couple of sets of maincap bearing holders (for future frames), another uni video, maybe a trials uni if i haven’t got one by then…

i never ask for much on holidays… i seem to be happy without many material possesions. man, i’d make a good buddhist.

too bad i cant get a torker, my brother’s getting one :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: torker '06 that is

try a united trials from UDC. they’re ~240-250 USD.


Oh wait…that’s me. =X

once i finish my new frame, everyone’s gonna want one.
hint: DNAA(name of frame)

You greedy bastards.

I want either a Coker or a trials unicycle (don’t know which yet, probably a DX, though) for Christmas. Or maybe a 29er…nah, definately a Coker (or Radial, or equivalent 36" wheel). Oh oh! a Schlumpf is what I want! yeah…that’s it…a schlumpf…mmmmmmm…yeahhhh…

I just spent the last 45 minutes looking at unicycles on UDC…and I’m still not entirely sure what I want.


wait to celebrate halloween first man lol. speaking of which my plan is a go- im being a box with my friend itll be dope.

But it’s still OCTOBER!

Come back in a month and a half.


Screw the uni buy Defect which will encourage/force you to buy a trials!!

Booya!!! Yes!!!rep points for you!!!

Juggling clubs, balls, and a brake for my muni.

So I can club myself in the balls untill it brakes.

I’m buying Defect myself…

I am giving Torker 20s to every non uni rider on my X-Mas list

I allready have Defect :slight_smile:
and DudewithaSock, I already have a good video card :stuck_out_tongue:
(one of those 256megabyte dual ram thingys…)

I’m getting a KH24 for my birthday/xmas, since they’re so close together. I usually ask for very little (stick of ram last year :P), so this is the first ‘big’ gift I’ve asked for in a while. I tend to buy my own things, as I need them.

This, however, I cannot wait for. I desire, nay, NEED more unicycles. After this one I’ll just need a Coker, then I’ll have learner, bc wheel, giraffe, distance, muni and semi-trials/street unicycle covered.

I suppose I could make an argument for owning a trials and an 8-ft giraffe and some bedford pro plates as well, but… that’s for later :wink:

Buy a BC, it’s definetly something new and way fun.

I’m asking for a BC Wheel, new pedals, a KH gel saddle, an airfoil rim…I think thats it. I might get the seat, maybe. oh, and a Mountain Uni T-shirt.

What about freestyle?

Im wanting a set of 661 shin pads…hmmmm i guess thats it.


P.S. Maybe a set of new juggling balls but IDK.