Christmas hlep needed for missing unicycle part!

Ordered a Nimbus 20" Blizzard trails unicycle for my 15 yr old son wanting to go to the next level in unicycling as a Christmas present ( his only present). We opened it last night to put together for Christmas and it is missing the two bearing housings with bolts so it is useless with out it. Called the company in GA we ordered from and of course are closed till after Christmas. called local stores in DFW and only one HAD it and sold yesterday. They suggested posting in on this site. If any one can help with the parts it would make a 15 yr old boy a lot Merrier Chistmas this year. Thanks!

It isn’t ideal but you can bend and drill a piece of metal strapping to work until you get the bearing holders.

There is also a chance that the bearing holder caps from his old unicycle may work as well.

Hope your son gets to enjoy the unicycle on christmas and you get the situation cleared up

Bike Mart has at least three stores in DFW area. Open for the next 40 minutes.

They have some staff members that ride. they may have what you need.

Thanks guys for sharing. We did look at the old one and it was too little. We had talked to a guy from Bikemart who really tried to help and is who suggested we try here so we tried. All we can now it get ahold of them after Christmas. Merry Christmas all1