Christmas help!!!

I wanna get my dad a nice 24 inch unicycle for Christmas…But I don’t have a lot of money. Budget is $200. I’ve been looking around but I haven’t gotten any real advice on what I should get. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

It sounds like your dad doesn’t do much hardcore stuff, am I right?

Is he gonna want to use it more for distance? You might think of something more like a 26" or a 28".

For $200, you’ll have to go for a non-splined, which will be fine for standard riding and freestyle.

would be my recommendations. I’d say go for the 26".

Thanks! This really really helps!! :slight_smile:

If it would fit the budget, I would also recommend getting a new seat for it as well. I don’t know about these personally, but many cheap(er) unicycles have lower quality seats. Opinions on seat comfort differ from person to person. I would personally recommend a KH freeride.

I have a Torker Unistar LX 24" myself and it performs great for just general riding around. Take ‘thefish’s’ advice on the seat, cause the stock one is terrible (especially if you want any more siblings in the future). The only problem I have found with the Torker LX is compatability. You can’t upgrade the wheel to a splined hub because of incompatibility. And if you get a new seat, you will have to also get a new seatpost. Oh, and new pedals are advised too.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Torker LX, but if he looks to upgrade or do anything involving jumping…get the Nimbus so it can be upgraded.

I definately agree on the LX saddle, the thing is a brick. I haven’t tried the KH Fusion, but the Nimbus gel is comfy and even more so is my KH air.

If your dad isn’t really going to do many tricks consider getting a 26" or for a bit more a 29".
26" $194
29" $245 It shows a Miyata saddle but comes with a KH Fusion.
I’d go for the 29"

Lx seats are great for freestyle and SIF. =p

They are also easily converted into an airseat.:slight_smile:

ya I would get an lx and then get a better seat with the extra money. maybe a fusion or air seat.