Christmas Haul

Just wondered what uni stuff you guys got for Christmas/holidays? I was expecting a Green Spirit, but was surprised with a brand new KH trials 19 :smiley:

I got a go pro hero HD 2!!! and some hybrid maguras (shimano levers hs33 calipers) and a new jacket!

EDIT: my grandmother got me some teva links :smiley:

Thats a very nice and generous Grandmother indeed! Do let us know how they compare to five tens :wink:

I got money which I’ll either use to upgrade some unicycle components or perhaps buy some decent riding shorts :smiley:

I also got 3 brand spanking new 26’’ tyres :smiley:
A 2.4 Rubber Queen wire bead, 2.6 Maxxis Ardent super tacky and a 2.5 super tacky Wetscream tyre :stuck_out_tongue: Gona be a lot of fun testing these tyres out!

Looks like I may actually be getting the camera I mentioned in the “what do you want for Christmas” thread. But that may be delayed; since it would effectively shorten the focal length of all my lenses, first I think I will focus on a new telephoto (the one I have is a cheapie). With luck, I’ll have the new camera in time for Unicon! :slight_smile:

I got a pair of Odyssey JCPC pedals. Haven’t tried them yet, but I’m really looking forward to try them out! :smiley:

Bought myself the first 20" I’ve ever owned, a K1 White Russian!

That and some Five Ten Karvers from my parents, and I’m set for this winter!

I got a fleece vest and some wool socks for winter riding. And a little rear view mirror for my helmet.

I didn’t ride today but am planning one for first thing tomorrow morning. Won’t need the socks but will try out the mirror.

I got to walk around in them they are a half size to small so i didnt ride in them. they feel real nice and stiff so far :smiley:

I got a Nimbus II. First uni… :smiley:

quite lucky person :smiley: i got my first uni for christmas a few years ago. it was a POS sun 20

I got a KH Muni 26" with brake and KH gloves

Sooo happy :smiley:

I got some Shimano BMX shoes as a late birthday present, and I also got quick release seat clamps for the KH24 and the Nimbus 36 for Christmas.

Nimbus II is a great first uni. It was my first, and I still have it and ride in regularly. One tip—when you are ready to learn to free mount, replace the pedals with something bigger like what comes on the mountain unis.

We got my son a Torker giraffe uni. He’s riding it all around, but it’s going to take some work to learn to free mount that! I got a Nimbus nomad 29", and I’ve replaced the tire for street duty. It rolls real smooth now!

I got a go pro, my girlfriend gave me a chick magnet t-shirt, I got a ew 29er tire, I got a new nimbus gel seat for rainy days, I got a hope QR clamp, new odyssey pedals, and I got this really cool cord that you can wrap around your frame and it glows like neon. ten feet long. I think it’s called electric wire and it is pretty cool looking. I’m still trying to figure out how to mount it.

I was taking all the pre-Christmas boxes to the dump on Saturday and picked up one of these in the scrap metal heap! Works fine, but will need a little cleaning up.

That’s my 2nd dump uni find. I’m hoping someone throws a 29er away next.

I got the same thing! In what color you got yours? Mines are orange :stuck_out_tongue: My father told me he got like 15% off because he told the guy at the bikeshop I was the unicycle boy!

Erm… I got a hat :wink:

I just ordered a green pair of JCPCs (not really for Christmas but whatever). I’m really excited to try them out. I’m going to use them on my muni, we’ll see if they have enough grip…

My wife’s aunt is an artist and got me in the Kris Kringle. She drew this for me and framed it. If you can’t see the writing at the bottom in the crappy phone image it says “they had always dreamed of owning a unicycle”. I was pretty chuffed!