Christmas goodies thread

List your unicycle related christmas presents. Ill start it off

Blue twisted pc
Blue kh fusion street saddle
A iUni shirt by ducctape
A big apple 29’er tire

I received BC Wheel plates, UPD shirt, and a Onza Sticky Fingers.


:)Koxx one unicycle.
Black devil frame, flouro green rim/ seatpost clamp, white tryall, luxury saddle, reinforced seatpost

KH evolution of balance hat, and some unicycle related t shirts

aaaandd, my favorite-- A pair of boxers with a little unicycle that has a caption “That’s how I roll”. it’s cool.

I got a KH 20 Double crown, and a Carbon fiber seat base for it as well. Makes for a very merry Christmas

I haven’t opened anything yet. Everyone should post pics.:smiley:

I got a chick-magnet t-shirt! Heck yes!

As well as a “Unicyclist’s are well balanced people” bumper sticker.

And a new JVC Everio camcorder!

HD video camera.
fiveten impact2 low shoes
a lot of un-uni related stuff

I got absolutely NOThING! my parents decided to not ‘do christmas’ this year… no presents… no trip to be with family no anything…

Sorry Maddie…

I wanna see that one Peter dude’s KH double-crown.

Sweet, I tried to do that this year but with outside family it just wasn’t going to happen.

I got some park tools allen wrenches, a couple books, sock and underwear, an art print I’ve been looking for a while, and a pig catapoult.

07 kh20
fusion freeride seat
08 pulse gloves

Hm… my dad ows me 300$, I got 50$ too, and I have 75$ stashed somewhere…I might get a 29er…

Airplane tickets for France/Wuko and some Euros… :wink:


This is what I got. JVC Everio GZ-MS100


i got for birthday and chistmas together (my birthday is the 24th december :roll_eyes: )

-kh longneck frame+ a white koxx seatclamp
-magura brake for my muni
-kh knee/shin guards
-a train ticket to oberhofen (to visit unicyclists)
-a unicycle backpack
-money for a few competitions and cool packs:o

My new baby

i got my first unicycle today :slight_smile:
its a 20" club freestyle from

i can go forwards a bit but not for as long as i want and i can turn but not always the way i want :slight_smile:

ive also managed to freemount quite a few times maybe 10 or so today but its not consistent… :frowning: any tips on what i should try next?

I got a Nimbus Trials Unicycle
And miniture toy unicycle.
and some money towards my coker.

Now more money for Wuko… I oooh I love Euros :roll_eyes: lol

Also, may got a another new sponsor for the trip :wink:

I got the koxx one devil t-shirt, new pedals, lots of money for some unicycle things and maybe next time rollo disks