Christmas Flatland

Here is a video of my riding from the last couple of months:

Toby Mac-Little Drummer Boy

Merry Christmas!

Really, really awesome video. I liked the editing, was refreshing to see the old cut, skip, rewind business again, even if it might have been a liiiiiiiittle overkill :stuck_out_tongue:

Your flat has kept improving at a steady pace, which is nice to see. Your combos are great to watch.

Your STYLE has come a looooong way. I really love it now, it’s smooth, and with your seat lowered you’re looking like a true BA flatlander.

This is just wicked awesome!!! Definitely your best video yet!! :sunglasses:

I’m not going to lie that was SICK

Dude!!! Your videos are getting better and better!!! I loved the editing, music, and the riding! Great video! :slight_smile:

Nice! You’re rolls are unreal now :slight_smile:

I just hope you come to CMQ this year (next year 2012)

Haha getting so good

What in the world?!?!

I love it when i don’t watch peoples videos and then when someone says a video is good i watch it and then i’m like :astonished: where did this kid come from.I really enjoyed that,i like flat without many rolls

The tricks were sick, really loved the shifty lateflip.
But IMO the editing wasn’t good at all…

Thanks for the encouraging comments!

sick, original, smooth, cool looking tricks and combo’s :slight_smile:
also the editing was pretty nice :roll_eyes:
I like it a lot :slight_smile:

and its still pretty funny to see a flatlander ride with a helmet… I really hate to wear helmets, even for big scary things xD
but if you feel more safe with a helmet its ok, your chose… :wink: