christian unicycle club

hey! i am trying to make a christian unicycle club. if you are interested pm me and i will talk to you about it

Er…I think someone beat you to it mate.

But hey, since I’m here I’ll join your gang. Will you join mine?

if they have beat me to it where is it

There’s a thread floating about where someone is suggesting people might like to “ride for Christ”.

Anyway…Do you want to join my gang? Bilious is alright really, he’s bloomin’ great at that water to wine business.

i voted in it

what is it

Bilious, The Oh-God of Hangovers, is dictator for life. We basically try and follow the examples he made in life with the intention of spending the ever-after in the company of him…with the curtains drawn.

cool i might


so wait … sorry … you want to join the hangover club and be a follower of christ…ok … w/e floats your boat

oh no

lol … i ride for GOD
i guess its not too bad to ride for yourself
but i like riding for GOD much more … I am much more comfortable

I still don’t get how its for him; and not just unicycling and liking him

wellll I try to do everything for christ
and can’t u keep a promise for someone because you love them?
well its the same thing, I love my god and I love you through him even if you are against this :slight_smile:

I think I agree with you!

hey it’s Kit! I love Kit. He’s a righteous dude. A Jesus in his own time.


A disciple of drunk has joined the cause.

May you tread lightly through the dark time of the day and may your nose stay chunk-free.

YOINK! Puts in sig line

Rock on!

(Yes, Kit is indeed a righteous dude!)

So Edd…Do you want to join my gang too?


Although now i will probably get a load of stick for this post:


Rock on!

P.s, Will you be at BUC Kit?

Hoorah, another convert!

This ain’t so much a religion as someone to blame for those mornings when it feels like dwarves have been mining in side your skull.

I’ve not registered for BUC yet…But hopefully should be there. Pennies are a bit tight at the minute though and new job and other holiday commitments may hamper efforts. But hopefully, with a little help from Bilious, I shall be there.