Christian Huriwai - Street Unicycling

This is the rough edit, but I couldnt be bothered uploading it again, so here you go.

Extreme Street Unicycling With a BIT of Flatland Koxx-One Rider: Christian Huriwai

Some very cool tricks and moves. The last rail grind is very impressive, well done.

:astonished: its the street world champion!!

best vid i’ve ever seen


best riding!world champion like!!!:):slight_smile:

Love your style, very impressive!

Also, I just realised that I met you at uninats! :slight_smile:

wow wow wow,
really like the first flip tricks line, really clean, really like all the creative stuff and the big rails, you’re so good at that
didn’t like all the lame push mush stuff in the flat combos, it simply kills all the flow…

keep it up man, it’s great

– bobousse

Wow, man. That was just amazing. Now everyone can just sit back and relax, knowing that someone is pushing street. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, man. That was just amazing. Now everyone can just sit back and relax, knowing that someone is pushing street. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: one of the best street vids ever!!!
awesome ticks and a lot of creative and big/extreem stuff :smiley:

I have never believed in two things.

  1. that this song could fit in a unicyclevid.
  2. That someone could be so smooth and ride more innovative than luke collalto.

Now i believe! And isn´t a fifthflip what you need for feel good. my favourite trick ever.


Wow, Chris, you don’t need me to say anything but I felt compelled.

Probably the best vid out at the moment and for a long time, you remind me of Shaun J and Dan Heaton in their primes.

Congrats on the win at UNICON too.


Wow, that was awesome! what is your handrail record down stairs?

This vid is just awesome!!!

loved it
amazing style and every trick so flowy
before watching the vid i didn’t thought it would impress me that much but it did:D

WOW :astonished:
just sick…
I love it, you are a real street worldchampion;)
keep it up

Awesome, one of the best street vids for sure!

Freaking amazing and the last grind was incredible! Just a question…since I really don’t know all the names of people into street, flat and trials. Are you Christian Huriwai, or did you post it for him? Sorry, but I never knew your actual name. :o

He’s Chris :wink:

That was so sick. :astonished: I enjoyed the whole video.
You do all these lines with the flow nobody else does. I love it :slight_smile:
Congrats on the worldchampion title you really deserve it i think. :roll_eyes:

  • Keep up that great riding :slight_smile: