Christian, from France

Hello everybody, I am Christian.
I live in France (the best place to ride : the french Alps !).

I started unicycling last month, with a basic Qu-ax 20" , and now I buy a Koxx one Devil 20" with a larger tire 2.5".
I like riding on sand and grass, and I intend to ride on snow this winter.
I also practice mountainboard, roller, kitesurfing, mountainbike…


Welcome, Christian!

Welcome here! :wave:

Welcome Hibou.
You learned unicycle rather quick.
Can you do a wheelie and manual on a bike?


unfortunately, no !

People who can do that generally are quick unicycle learners. Like within hours. Irrelevant in your case, but people are always asking if there is any “preparation” for a bicycle rider to learn unicycling. Being able to do force a heavy bicycle onto a single wheel and ride is actually “over-preparation” and not necessary, but if you can do that it’s almost 100% guarantee transistion to unicycle.

In fact I ride a mountain bike but I never seriously tried to ride the rear wheel on it. Now learning on the bike should be faster :grinning:

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