Chris Reeder Handle

Any body got any tips on making a homemade one? Its for a miyata with plastic base plate,


I just made this one this week. $70 cheap-o 110v arc welder, some scrap tubing, and no talent. I put it on the muni for a test, and I could really tell that my seat stiffener is broke. It was flexing the seat a lot, so I just went back to the viscount with a similar handle untill I get another steel plate in the Miyata seat. Mojoe

miyata_handle 009.jpg

WOW that looks great! could ya get some more pics? sorry i’m greedy


I put up an album with a few more photos of it here;
I may need to change the angle a little. Also, take off the seat cover and drill another hole for a bolt in the rear side of the handle base.

I built a handle for my Coker today. The Coker has a “new” Miyata air seat. I took off the cover and drilled another hole for more support at the rear of the handle base. I took it for a ride around town and it feels good. More really ugly welds.

coker_handle 023.jpg

Yeah, but that grip makes up for it. That’s nice.

Those are Big Cheese BMX grips. just started selling them too. Mine are from my single speed mountain bike, since I don’t ride it anymore. They are really popular with the single speed crowd in Minneapolis. There are a lot of different colors you can get. If you don’t like the two colors that carries, check the QBP catalog at your local bike shop. They are really grippy, and they don’t tend to slide around on the handlebars like some do. Joe in North Iowa, (whos going out on a 60 mile Coker ride in the morning to get ready for RAGBRAI)