Chris Holm?

My parents own a business with a garden centre, cafe, gift shop and a saskatoon berry u-pic which is called The Saskatoon Farm just 20 minutes south of calgary, alberta, canada.

So me and my friend are sitting there in our office where we take are orders for trees, answer the phone ect. suddenly we here my mom talking to a customer and my mom asks him for his name he replies " kris holm ". me and my freind take one glance at eachother and quickly jump to attention, i raced up to the counter and was horribly dissapointed to see a man who, ofcourse isnt kris holm(im from canada so i atleast had some hope that this man could be the one and only)
i later checked his bill just out of curiosity to see how his name was spelled and ofcourse it wasent spelled like kris’s.

i was dissapointed but me and my friend had a good laugh, and it was all worth it. :smiley:

Re: Chris Holm?

Sometimes at my local supermarket I hear a tannoy announcement for what
sounds a lot like “Kris Holm” to go somewhere/take a phone call.

All this being in the UK it definetely can’t be Kris, so who is it? It’s a
person who works in the childrens’ clothing department and HER full name is
“Christine Holmes”.

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