Chris H - Test , Rollo Disks

Because my longneck had a broken seat post and I was being lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

do they get in the way of grinds at all? im gana order them soon as udc US gets them in so i can do some more flat but i mainly do street now

You should stick with street too many people are doing flat and street is just dead. nobody hits stuff down stairs anymore all you see is flat. Chris’s summer vid should be a awesome street video

I rep both :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t get in the way at all for grinds, unless your really use to grinding on just the pedal.

well your amazing at both.

cool video
the disks are making a good work at my flatlant but why do much of you need bolts?
i could make them at my cranks at once.

Nice video, sick flat land. i have been thinking about getting these, but they seem to be expensive for what they are, or are they worth the investment?

i don´t know how much you have to pay i payed 15 € and i was a very good investment;)

Moments and Rollos are still cheaper than K1 Street cranks. If you ride flatland and have Moments than Rollos are definitely worth it.

they look like they help awesomely,

nice flat stuff bro…

see ya soon

good point about them being cheeper, im deffinatly not going to buy some new cranks, ill most deffinatly buy myself some.

Nice. Now I know what Rollo Discs are.:stuck_out_tongue:

(sry not to thread jack)
but will KH moment cranks fit on a koxx hub?