Chris H - Test , Rollo Disks

This is more of a fun vid. Not much riding.

Should still be processing.

Wow! That is some great flatland!

I need to wait for UDC US to get more rollo disks :frowning:

they’re cool! nice vid!

:astonished: Wow.

edit: looks like they work!

too bad udc canada wont have them till spring :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: !!! btw great flat as always…your too good

Looks awesome.

nice! I got my longer bolts today so I got to try my rollo disks finally, I’m liking them so far.

How do they work? I could find no details for installation or how they work on KH website. ANd UDC doesn’t clearly explain how it works, just that it makes crank rolls more stable; just curious as to how. Guess: You can roll in both directions and further since your feet aren’t on the cranks, which you would eventually roll off?

nice vid. cant wait for the bolts to come

It is just an extension on the end of the cranks that makes it stick out farther. The rollo disk fits on the crank, then you install the axle bolt and it all stays together. The rollo disks are machined to fit the outside of the moment crank perfectly so they will never spin independently from the cranks.

I liked your vid Chris, your riding is so smooth!

Ok so basically the added stability comes from them giving the rider more foot area? I can imagine if they were made with bearings so that when the wheel turns, your feet stay stationary on the discs, like the plates on a bc wheel! You could do super long distance crank rolls! Then put both feet on either side and coast, but the cranks and pedals would probably be in the way for that haha. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that would be sort of like having pegs, but its impossible for the cranks and pedals to go around without hitting your leg or something.

Which could be the next thing lol! Remove the cranks and just have free spinning pegs for all crank-like tricks and kick stuff.

Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Any effect on flip tricks?

Wow, you’re one of my favorite flat riders, awesome combos, great vid.

Small diffrence. Nothing to do with my ankles, they just got in the way doing certain things where I’m use to having foot room. Still getting used to them.

Their great!!

Everything to do with standing on the cranks are ALOT easier. Seat wraps, leg wraps, crank idles and yes, crankrolls.

Definitely effective. If you have KH moments and your into flatland and you havn’t already ordered your rollo disks, then order now!

For everyone worrying about them getting in the way for other styles of riding don’t worry, they take about 20 seconds to in and uninstall.

Thanks for the comments guys, don’t forgot to watch from youtube in HQ.

great vid
liked were you did push & mush and then a leg around to rolling wrap

awesome vid chris. Your definitly one of the best flat riders in the world.

I just got my bolts in yesterday:)

why did you ride with a short neck ? (the frame )

did you break your longneck ?
did you break the new KH seat post ? :astonished:

great flatland combos !

wow very nice !!! :smiley: