Chris H - Street Vid 2012

New vid!!! Check it :smiley:

Please give your feedback, looking for negative more then positive

wtf, how has NOBODY commented on this, this riding is amazeballs chris, trully one of the great street riders of this world…and possibly the next?

Very very awesome street videos!

wow great vid how many times did you smash your nuts doing the trick off the tree :smiley:

So incredibly awesome Chris.
As for negative feedback, the only thing I’d suggest is finding someone to film for you, but I’d still rather see the camera on a tripod than badly done moving camera work.

What? So many moving and following shots in this.

I know what James is saying. But yeah… Finding a camera man is always very hard :stuck_out_tongue: I often film alone. And somethings will take me a long time to film and I hate making people wait just because I’m so fussy haha. And yeah I prefer to make sure I get a clear shot of the trick I am doing, instead of shakey camera work

My only negative would be the shot of you breakin’ off your seat. Didn’t seem necesary. It’s a small thing, that I wouldn’t even mention, but you asked for negative feedabck. Other then that I thought it was pretty fantastic. Thanks for making it, eh?