Chris Aitken - August 2010

My new vid. Made it so i can look back on it later and see how much ive improved. Let me know what you think :smiley:

thats sweet dude, looks like you got 540’s down pretty good.

Nice! I liked the 270-monkeykick. There were only two small things that I think could’ve been better, first less slowmo, and use more of the end of the clip so we can tell you landed, or if you didn’t land refilm it or just cut out the not landed trick. It was nice though, I bet you could get 720s!

Edit: Also the bigspin was niceee, I hate when people only get half the body varial and fudge it way too much, but yours was nearly perfect. :slight_smile:

I think you should get a new tyre :stuck_out_tongue: Nice 540’s Chris.

I think the sketchy spin looked heaps good. Great work Chris and keep it up :smiley:

Nice Boffy! I liked the jump mount straight to crankflip, I’ve never seen something like that before :sunglasses:

Really like how your 5spins looks, man. Your left hand on the last one is crazy hahaha. Keep it up

Thanks everyone! haha JuliaB that was a Hugespin.
Im going for 720s today and tommorow. Wish me luck!

Wow! You’ve improved a lot and I also think that you could do 720s :wink:

Edit: Good luck!