chosens first vid- check it out if u want

so first off, i know it isnt spectacular, and also i dont even know if it can be viewed or like if those viewing have to register or whatever to see it. any way hope it works so you can view it, and again i know it isnt on the level of like tomsey-just thought id share. o and theres no music im new with this.

see it here

chose N

EDIT: obviously you have to click the enter the site box

I get to the screen where it shows the video player but it isnt loading. I waited like 5 minutes and still nothing is happening Is it a large file?

Same for me.
Can you upload it to the gallery?

ill see if i can do that or put it into like a putfile url or something.


Just put it in the gallery, its not too hard.

Yes, that place you sent us to requires windows explorer. Blech!