Choosing crank length

recently my unicycles left crank got cross threaded so im having to buy a new one, yeaaaay. it was 127 mm but now ive got the chance to buy new cranks i dont know which size is best for what style. what difference does a different sized crank do? cheers

Though I may get mauled again for this, I’d recommend a search on whatever style you ride (since you didn’t tell us) and crank lengths. There’s lot’s on crank lengths out there.

I ride XC/Muni, so I like a nice med/long crank. 137’s are awesome for cruising the flat, and grinding out hills, 165’s are great for slowing down to pick through some tough sections and power over rocks/branches. Therefore I prefer 137/165’s.

cheers :slight_smile: , sorry, i’m into street uni

Flatland tend to run short cranks, and trials tend to run longer. What type of riding do you do?

Most run 125-137. Some flatlanders seem to go down to even 102’s.

Shorter flips a bit faster & allows for more speed for like jumping sets of stairs. Longer makes control and landing tricks a bit easier.