Choosing a unicycle

Hello, I want to buy a unicycle and I don’t know which size is better for me?
I’m 5’ 6" and 158 lbs.

Thank you!

it depends on what you plan on doing with the unicycle. Do you want to do freestyle, Muni, Trials, Street, Distance, XC…?

I’d say a 24" would be good in general.

I’m warning you now that if you get a 300mm seatpost on a bigger unicycle (I’m guessing 26" and up) you will have to cut it to be able to ride.

If you don’t know how to ride, start with a cheaper 20", then get a better unicycle in whatever size you want, or get a really good 20" or 24" and stick with it after learning on it.

If you don’t know yet what kind of uni style fits you, choose cheap basic 24" model. It’s not bad to learn and gives you some more speed over 20".
If you choose 24" pay attention to have cranks no shorter than 125mm.
I’m adding this disclaimer because qu-ax 24" unicycles come with 114mm cranks by default and it makes learning a bit harder in general.

have fun! :slight_smile:

p.s. as others said you’ll probably have to shorten the seatpost.

What about this one?

Torker 2006 CX CHROME Unistar 20"

I want to buy from here
I’m totally new to this, I have never ridden a uncycle.

don’t get that. that unicycle is crap. It shouldn’t be made. don’t get it.

That’s not a very good unicycle. But take into consideration what you might want to do. If you want to learn free style by all means get that one but if you want to get into trials or street you can find affordable coterless uni’s. But I have never heard a good thing about the torker cx.

Please recommend me of an affordable unicycle - preferably somethig affordable and that will ship to Israel.

Torker LX or the Sun flattop 20 inch unicycles are great for learning on and progressing with.

You can find both of them for a cheap decent price online and on sites like ebay.


well, I suppose if you’re rich $500 is good for “on a budget”, lol :roll_eyes:

I liked the Torker LX 24" as my first uni. Affordable and fine for some off road trail riding, nothing big. I still use parts from it to supplement my other unicycles. But a 24" LX is too heavy for a lot of other riding styles. 20" might be easier to learn on and do tricks, then again it might not go fast enough if you plan to ride any distance.

Based on my experience…

I don’t have nearly as much experience as many people on this board. However…From the experience that I do have I can say that if you buy something cheap, it will be fine to learn on but you are guaranteed to want something better once you really learn to ride. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but something to consider. I started with the Torker LX 24’’. I learned to ride, then started going off of curbs, stairs and rode a bit of smooth singletrack. Worked fine for this, but ended up buying a Torker DX 24’’ to get something with a bigger tire and something MUCH stronger (splined hub and cranks). Now I want something better than that as my skills have improved. Probably going to buy a Kris Holm. Can’t go wrong with the Torker LX to start with. You can find one cheap on ebay or As mentioned before, you may have to get the seatpost cut off so that the seat will come down low enough for you. you can do this after it is delivered to you. This is no big deal though. Good luck!

so heres the deal
get a 2005 torker DX for $200 (usd) (not sure they ship to israel?)LiNkAgE!!
or a torker LX 100 usd
the DX will last you many many years
the LX will, if you are very careful and don’t ever do a trick on it

that frame is bent
its brand new

those unicycles aren’t all bad… but almost

the seat will render you hurting in a bad place to hurt

those tires weigh nothing
your mouse prolly weighs more than that tire
ok theres something positive about the CX

don’t get it whatever you do

how long have you had the DX … whats wrong with it??
are you just bored of it?

i started riding on a 20" sun chrome. bought it used for $20 from a kid in new jersey that worked on the boardwalk in stone harbor (bobby if you’re out there…), and i just ordered an lx for freestyle riding. anyway i’d recommend getting somthing used, if you can find it. if you dont like it (i’m sure you will), it will definitely be worth the money just to try it.

[I]how long have you had the DX … whats wrong with it??
are you just bored of it?

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*Not bored with it. Just would like to get a seperate uni for trails and street/trials. My dx is a 24’’ and I just put a 2.6 tire on it. (mine is the older model that came with a 2.3. I think it would be nice to have (if I could afford it) something with a 3.0 tire for trails, although right now I am settling for the $30 2.6 inch as opposed to spending $520 on a new MUNI. I guess I just meant that the more I ride…I wish I could afford to get a uni specific to each style of riding.