Choosing a trials/freestlye uni

G’day I’m just looking for a bit of help with choosing a new uni for me, because my B’days coming up and I’m looking to get into a bit of trials and freestyle.

I’m looking at a splined hub for strength, even though i only weigh 55kilos
(120 pounds) because i want to do some 4-5 foot drops.
Also i want to do some basic freestlye tricks such as wheel walks, and 1 foot riding.

How common is it for people to ride a trials/freestyle uni and can you recomend one that you like?

At the moment i’m thinking about the Nimbus Trials which is $350 (aus)
Is this a good choice or is there a better uni for this kind of thing?

Thanx a lot guys:D

I don’t think the one your looking at is splined.

if you get the nimbus trials it will break after very few(maybe 1) 4-5 foot drops. it is a cotterless hub. the kh or the dx or profiles and I think the Qu-ax is strong enough to take those drops. I don’t know much about the qu-ax wheel so i couldn’t tell you. I have riden the other three and they can take the abuse. the dx’s frame is weak and will snap. the nimbus 2 frame can replace it or the Yuni frame but the seat post is smaller

whoops it’s not splined…
i’ll check out the qu-ax and the profiles, but they might have to be shipped over.
The kh is way too expensive.
Maybe i’ll try a custom uni

Wow all the splined is expensive…now i’m not sure whether i’ll need it as much?
i found the nimbus trials thru this thread Freestyle uni
i might still get-

What do people think about the freestlye side of things too???