Choosing a New Uni

Ok so my Original 20" wheeled unicycle came from a Car boot sale (yard sale), it had lollipop bearings and standard Cotter less crank hubs. The frame broke in my first year of ownership. So I replaced the frame and Cranks with basic Nimbus stuff from UDC. It’s been doing me fine for about 3 years.

However, this week is my birthday, and wifey says if I want to treat myself to a new uni, go ahead. So what to get, if any?

I mostly ride on roads, and like undulating but smooth terrain. However, now that I can ride down and up hill and turn tight corners and circles. I’d like to try my hand at a few more tricks. Maybe riding down kirb stones, down stairs, wheel walking, idling , backwards, spinning etc. What I want in a uni is versatility. I may even like to take it off road so some mild trails.

I really liked the look of the Nimbus Eclipse, but realist it’s a graceful flatland with alu hub and there not robust. So, I probably should ignore looks and go for versatility. I know there is not a one size fits all uni, but I am interested in getting a uni that will at least allow me to dip my toe in to a few areas. I want to spend tops $360.

What are your recommendations?

Sounds like you definitely want another 20" (or 19"). You will learn the most varied techniques on this size. Sorry about your $360 limit. I was going to suggest the Nimbus Equinox Street, which UDC sells for $400, and which I own and love (particularly the light weight, the wide, knurled crown and the durable tire). I am pretty tall, I keep the seat high, and I like the long neck. If you’re average height, one of the various Nimbus trials unicycles would probably work for you, assuming you order it with the proper seat post. Those are just under your maximum price.

There still seems to be some KoXX One unicycles left on Ebay and Amazon. Are they any good?

For example the 20" Alien Trials Unicycle?

Koxx unis are good, but I think they have ISIS hubs/cranks that are not compatible with other brands. Maybe that’s not a concern for you, but it would be for me.

I second PuebloUNIdo’s recommendation. My experience with Nimbus has been excellent, and if you are interested in riding down the stairs and that sort of madness, you “need” a trials unicycle. They are great for all flatland tricks as well. Once I upgraded from my learner, I got a sort of trials uni, but it has a true 20" (rather than 19") wheel because I wanted to be able to choose from lots of different tires. 18 months later, I still don’t regret this decision because I have never needed or wanted a knobby tire, and all 19" tires (as far as I know) are knobby, making some turns more difficult and forcing you to spend more time on dogshit removal. A 19" is better for longer drops and hopping, though, as a 19" x 2.5" tire has more cushioning than a 20" x 2.4." It’s also not always easy to find a 20" uni with a wide, strong rim (the one I got has been discontinued).

This was true for the early Koxx hubs, but they changed the splines a little, and for at least a few years before they closed the hubs were supposedly compatible. So, unless you pick up an old uni it should be alright. I would guess that all of the closeout Koxx’s are the newest ones that came off the line.

The Koxx unis are very good, high spec, and when they were current they were compared with KH. The frames are very light, and while strong, they did pick up dents more easily than other uni’s.

I agree that you cant go wrong with a nimbus. It sounds like you already have a nimbus 20" frame, so you could just get a wheelset, and some cranks to finish it off. You could still spend to your limit and pick up a KH street saddle, and maybe some 5.ten shoes.

Hmm, then it seems like a Nimbus Equinox might be on the cards then. For purely shallow reasons I with it came in other colors than black.

I like the all white of the Eclipse, I found in the UK, when playing a bit of unicycle hockey, that having a white tire stooped sport centre managers from having heart palpitations.

There is an impact athmos for sale on the uk site that I think sounds as a good deal as well. Don’t know how easy it is to get it shipped though.

By your description I was thinking a 24". OK for cruising and tricks.
Like a Nimbus II. I believe it has clearance for up to a 2.6" tire.

But IMO I’d get a 29 or 36" for cruising, a 20 or trials for tricks, and a Muni. Unicycles aren’t very good multi taskers. Start w/ a uni that’s great at what you like to do most, then expand your quiver later.