Choose Your Weapon or Collect Them All?

Do you prefer to ride a variety of unicycles or pick a weapon and master it?

Personally I find myself straddling these two. I am a bit of a collector of wheeled joy but I don’t like to dilute my skills across them all. A couple
of my newer bicycles have never even made it out of the box.

How about you?

I find myself in the same predicament - but I’ve decided to pick 2 ‘disciplines’ and choose my wheel size accordingly.

My weapons are: a 26" muni and a 20" freestyler (amongst others) but am honing my skills on these 2 uni’s.Obviously it would be utterly frustrating to practice the IUF skill levels on a 26" indoors, hence I have had to go with a smaller option, similarly a 20" muni would by a grueling experience (I think)

I feel the same way you do - that dividing my time between a 20", 24",26",29" and 36" would dilute the quality of my ‘skill development’ time and perhaps even confuse my muscle memory?

I have looked enviously:D at the incredible things trials and street unicyclists can do, and REALLY wanted to get a trails uni. Similarly I have though what an elegant experience it would be to ride a really big wheel.But at the end of the day I just had to as myself: “What do I want to be really good at?” And for me the answer is MUNI!

I also find that the more unicycles I have the more maintenance issues I have in terms of cleaning, parts upgrades and so on, so I’ve pared down for that reason also…I find it is better to have a couple (ok its more like 4 :roll_eyes: ) really nice uni’s that I look after really well rather 6 or 7 dust gatherers that do nothing but depreciate.

Many of us have followed a progression. I have 4 unis also due to graduation.

Bought a used 20" and had some fun so I bought a Torker 24". That was more fun do I bought a 29" Nimbus. Soon I was completely hooked and decided to pony up for a KH. So I have gone to bigger and better but spend almost all of the time on the KH now.

I never really sell any of my used stuff unless someone asks directly because it wont fetch enough to bother.

What sort of riding do you do on the KH?

I’m a bit of both too, I got a killer Trials uni (actualy I got 2 pretty good trials unis) but I have my pretty solid Muni and my Coker, my BC wheel, my Giraffe, my crappy 26er, ect. I just like every style of riding, but my favorite of all is Trials then Muni so I invest more in these 2 unis.

i couldn’t live without my trials unis.

i have a 36 that i occasionally ride. i love it, but i could survive if i didn’t have it…lol



Trails, Muni, local sidewalk stomping…

For me, the more the better. It’s like having a set of golf clubs.

The more years you ride, the more unis you have :wink:

Well if you think about it, obviously if you use one uni only all the time, you will learn that uni well, but if you’re constantly changing between different types, sure your “muscle memory” may get confused, but also your body is getting better at adapting to varying balance situations, which I would think would make you a better rider in the long run.

But don’t ask me, I only have a 20 and a 24

The difference between riding a 20"er and a 24"er isn’t so huge that one’s mastery is limited to their choice of wheel.

The difference comes in when one chooses a discipline to practice. Some include skills that cross over, such as trials and muni. But a great trials rider can’t just hop on a 36er and ride a century.

Despite the fact that I enjoy variety, I’ve still been able to master my muni, and ride quite a bit of distance, all without losing skill in either arena. Between these two, I’m a happy camper.

Great metaphor!

I like to focus on trials but also do a little bit of Muni on both my 20" and 29" :slight_smile:

How many is too many?

I have a few Muni, Uni, twouni?(Maestro, What do we call the Tandem?) and Giraffes. I always find myself riding most a little, but a 24" muni more often. They range from 19" to 28"(Oldest I have) I even have that 20" Schwinn everyone has. Can’t seem to get rid of any of them either, so only one car parks in my garage instead of two. Just went down and counted 14 unicycles hanging and 26 bikes, from Cruisers to Tandems and Quads, on and off road. I like wheeled contraptions! So we won’t go into motorized things cause it’s off topic.

Do you change it up regularly or do you kind of get in a groove with one or another for awhile?

So do you ride with a selection of uni’s on your back and kind of switch to the 20" to hop the curb and then jump on the 36" for the long straight? Do you have a “uni caddy” who rides beside with the set?

DANE, MAESTRO, very good points you’ve both made. I like all the answers.

Heartwarming :slight_smile:

I have found a certain synergy riding a variety of styles and sizes. After riding my 36 with 110s, the 29 or 24 muni feels so easy to control. 29er muni has taught me how to roll through almost anything. Switching from 29 to 24 makes downhill seem so much easier. Learned rolling hop onto a foot high ledge with the 24 street uni, and voila, all of a sudden I have instantly learned how to hop high on the 20 trials with ease. Hoping the street rolling hop is going to pump up my muni. 24 geared muni is improving my ungeared muni, etc, etc…


Today I switched it up and rode the road to the beach on my Nimbus 29er (16mi round). Its got 125’s and a hard thin tire. It is faster and so much touchier. I think it was good for a change. On the KH I feel like I can stomp over anything so it was good to have to clean up the technique.

NOW he asks. I already collected them all! :slight_smile:

Not that anyone really has them all, but I’ve got a good variety. I don’t have any multi-wheelers, or a decent ultimate wheel. It used to be decent, now it’s old and creaky. Same for my Trials uni, which is so old it has a square taper axle. And I’ve never had a Street or Trials uni. Yet.

Mostly I ride one of my 36" wheels, or my Wilder MUni. When parades roll around, you’ll find me on my 45" wheel. If I’m doing a show, I’ll get out the giraffe (6’ usually), handlebar uni, BC and one or two others. But I almost never do shows anymore. If I get to be in a gym, I’ll definitely bring my Freestyle. And if there’s absolutely nothing else going on that day, I’ll ride my trusty 24" at the track.

Actually, my 24" is in my car now. I’m in San Francisco overnight, at a conference. Brought that one in case I had an opportunity to ride around downtown, but it was dinner, dark, {this} sleep. :slight_smile:

Yes, it does. Being a good Freestyle rider helped a lot when I was developing my MUni skills. There’s crossover all over the place.

Oh good that means I gave advice that was actually useful for once.

Do you ever ride your giraffe just for fun? Or mostly for events? I’ve been extremely fascinated by them lately

It just depends on what I want to ride some days. I ride my Trials uni everyday in the summer, sometimes I’ll go for a Muni ride or some Muni weekends, or I may go for a long Coker ride. I always have at least 2 unis with me, my Trials and either my Coker or my Muni :slight_smile: