Choose your 29" unicycle

I own 2 different KH 29" and too many others unicycle (as my wife says). I wish to sell one of them and I can swap parts as you wish.

Feel free to mix parts and tell me how much you would pay. Consider that I paid them, so do not offer me 50€! Write here or PM me, as you prefer

Underlined parts are those I do prefer to keep :wink:


  1. KH Aluminum 29" 2017
  2. KH Aluminum 29" 2005 (the one with small fork crown protruding parts for extra grip doing one-footed)


  1. KH Fusion one saddle (pivotal)
  2. Impact Naomi
    3) Velo Hunirex saddle flattened (by me)
  3. Cheap unicycle saddle (unknown brand)


  1. KH 27.2 pivotal
  2. KH or Nimbus 27.2


  1. Iron one I did by myself (with already a part to mount the brake)
  2. Plastic handles with or without cutout


  1. Impact seatpost double clamp
  2. Koxx one double clamp


  1. Shimano disc with 180mm rotor
  2. Nimbus Dbrake Mount
  3. Magura rim brake
  4. Iron brake lever mount (homemade)
  5. Brakeless


  1. KH Moment ISIS + KH Dual spirit cranks 127/150mm (ready for the rotor)
  2. ONZA/KH 36h aluminum hub (more spline than ISIS!) + Onza/KH CroMoly cranks 150mm
    3) Nimbus FREEWHEEL disc hub + Nimbus venture cranks 125mm


  1. KH Freeride eyeletted rim 47mm 29"
  2. KH XC rim 38mm 29" (no cutouts)


  1. Maxxis Ardent 29"x2.4 (95%)
  2. Kenda Karma 29"x 2.2 (80%)

Presta or Shrader valves as you wish


  1. Aluminium black pedals
  2. Snafu Aluminium black pedals (Missing pins in the back part of the foot: it bites only during front part of strokes: I set it to learn freewheeling and I lost the pins I removed!)

Package will be about: 80cm x 80 cm x 25 cm 11kg
I could ship from Italy (31039 ZIP code) or you can meet me and pick it up in North-East Italy.

other photos for unis or parts:

Pm sent…

I’m not sure I’ll sell only parts of a Uni.
If I decide to sell it as parts I’ll post every price