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I went along to my local t-shirt printing place this afternoon. I’ve heard good things from them; it seems to be them who do most t-shirts and clothing for many university societies.

Unfortunately… they’re shut until February 15th! Can I wait over two weeks for such a t-shirt? I think not!

I shall look into some alternatives.


How would people feel about:
Choose rugged bumpers and handles for your seat from a range of gaudy colours.

For some reason this part has grown on me over the past 24 hours – I’m starting to like it.

I was talking with a friend of mine about this and he suggested an even better reason for having ‘tyre’ and not ‘tire’: Trainspotting is a British movie and therefore words would naturally carry their original British spelling.

I’ve made some updates to my site, including a clean version. an example of some re-wording and a red version.


I like the layout of yours… I was trying to make mine narrower but the width of “Mountain Unicycling” doesn’t help. I don’t want to change it to “MUni”, though, because from the back no-one will know what the t-shirt is on about. I wanted to have the “MUnispotting” logo on the front too.

“Choose rugged bumpers and handles for your seat from a range of gaudy colours” sounds a bit too long… I’m trying to imagine it in the original voice, and it doesn’t seem to scan right… it may grow on me.


I could be wrong (no, seriously) but would it be ‘…a distraction from the brats…’ not ‘…distraction to the brats…’ ?

I mayb be thinking in the wrong context or something

I was thinking along the lines of you being a distraction to said brats, rather than r.s.u being the distraction. I think…


I think it should be (stay as) “a distraction to…” as it implies they don’t respect you, etc. (as you said Phil).

I read back over my addition of the “bumpers and handles” bit and am more apt to agree with you now – I think its original form is better.

As for having “Mountain Unicycling” on the back, I think we still have some work to do. I’ll play around with layouts involving said text over the next few days. The solution I’d like to use now is to have MUni on the back and ‘Mountain Unicycling’ on the front. Another option for the front could also be some arrangement of both “MUnispotting” and “Mountain Unicycling”.



Michaeli or phil, put me down for two XLs of the un-sanitized variety.

Will it be economical to get these to the US?

unless phil is in it for (partly) the money (which is of course perfectly acceptable) someone on the North American side could take care of the Us/Can orders, thus cheapening up the price

Assuming the main text goes on the back, then how about a smallish logo on the upper left front, consisting of a MUni picture surrounded (probably in circular text) with the words Mountain Unicycling, Mountain around the top and Unicycling around the bottom of the picture?


Or a Clown wearing Roach pads and juggling flaming skulls


There hasn’t been any formal discussion of this, but I kind of assumed Phil would take care of Europe and I would cover North America. Dunno about the Aussies…



Great! If you don’t hear from me when orders are being finalized shoot me an email at

Thanks for doing all the leg work on these.

SWEET! Put me down for one of the swearing ones!


One large and one small please.


I’d take a sanitized one, let us know when you’ve worked out the details.

I’d not really thought much about distributing them… I didn’t realise they’d be so popular… :slight_smile:

Seems if there are enough people it’d be easiest to have several people organise getting them made and distributed… I’m in the UK and Eli’s in the States; if there’s enough people from <insert continent here> they can make some, or one of us can mail them. I’m trying to find somewhere to get them made, I’m quite happy to mail them to wherever.

So far there’s the choice of the normal and unsanitised versions; persumably if Eli does some for people on his side of the pond he can use the “tire” version. Gild’s suggestion for a Freestyle one was good… if anyone has any ideas, feel free to modify it to your heart’s content! I came up with the MUni version because “MUnispotting” fits; I can’t think of a freestyle or trials version.

I was thinking on the front of having just the “MUnispotting” logo from the back but horizontally across the shirt. I’d like to keep it simple, and I can’t draw a decent unicycle…


Actually I’m in Canada. I can certainly ship to the US, though.

Would depend on popular opinion, but this’d probably end up being the case.

Did I miss this post? I couldn’t find anything by GILD in this thread.

I figured the same. Easy enough.


I have an initial version of a copy that has the ending line:
“Choose mountain unicycling.” not “Choose MUni.” (same content as Phil’s)

See munispotting006.gif on

I still maintain I like the latter more, primarily for reasons of layout and appearance. I’m not sure if it would help to find something to fill the gap in the bottom-left corner of the new one. Suggestions? (Granted, if we can keep this without any images I would assume it’d be cheaper to print.)


Au contraire, I prefer “Choose Mountain Unicycling” because otherwise it is completely devoid of the word “unicycl*”… people won’t know what it’s actually about. I do prefer the much tighter layout of “Muni” but I want what it’s all about to be clear.

Maybe we can have some weird holographic one that shows both… :slight_smile:


And another…

This one still says “Mountain Unicycling” but I’ve tried to get it into Eli’s much nicer narrow format, in keeping with the aspect ratio of the orginal.

I made the text bold, I’m still trying to decide whether I prefer it or not.