Choice of Hand...

Watching that “awesomovie” thingy got me thinking about which hand people use for seat in front, because I’m wondering whether I’m using the “right” one.

When riding seat in I hold the handle with my left hand; I am left handed. When seat out I hold the seat in my right.

Being left handed I generally start by observing someone else and doing it the opposite way, but it appears most people go seat in front the same way I do; left foot forward, right hand on seat. Now I’m just confused.

When I started doing seat-in-front I used my right hand because then I can push the seat towards my left leg to keep it stable. But now I’m wondering whether doing it with my left hand would be easier because that’s my stronger side.

While the easiest way to sort this out would be to go try, I’m trying to convince myself into doing some work, and I’ll never get anything done if I go out for a ride…

How does anyone else do it? Are there any other lefties out there?

Ta muchly

Phil, just me

I’m right handed. I hop left foot forward. I hold the handle with my left hand for seat in, and i use my right hand for seat out. It just feels natural that way, plus, like you said, you can push the seat against your thigh with the right hand.


Hmm… everyone seems to hop left foot forward by choice, which makes me backwards.

Just call me “freak”…

Phil, just me (evidently)

Nah, I think I’m the weird one, I’m right handed hop with my Left foot back, and use my right hand for both seat in, and seat in front.

You say you push your seat into your leg, I allways went for pulling it in. I think its miore a thing of personal preferance all the way arround, but hopefully I’ll become just as comfertable with both hands and feet in any concievable position.

Do what feels right, I mean Correct.


Hmm… I shall have a try tomorrow. What got me thinking was how much people in videos jump around like this, but it just doesn’t feel very stable when I do… it’s difficult to keep enough pressure on the pedals to stop my feet threatening to come off. Then bad things would happen…

Phil, just me

I’m left-handed, and I do both things with my left hand. There’s no particular reason for this other than the fact that it feels right this way for me. I’d say go with what feels best.

I always hop with my left foot forward. I should probably learn the other way as well and I will someday. Anyway, I always hop with my left hand and with my left foot forward.

Which foot do you put on the frame when you ride one-footed? I have my left foot on the frame. And also, when idling, I have my left foot down. I can do it the other way now but it feels better with my left foot down.

I’m left handed and I grab the front of my seat with my right hand most of the time. I mount and hop with my right foot back.

This is what feels natural for me, but I do force myself to do it the opposite way too.


ambidextrousness… kinda…

i use both hands. my right hand is my preferred hand for riding with the seat out in front, but when i hop with the seat in and hold the seat when im riding seat in, i use my left hand. this may just confuse people more… hahahhah!!! im ok.

I’m the same as you

i hop with my right foot back, and use my right hand for hopping seat out front, if i’m going to the left, (normally), but when i go to the right i use my left hand sometimes, depending on the situation. I hop sit in usually with my right hand, but sometimes switch.
I think it all depends on the person .
oh yes, and i’m right handed.

My friend hops with his left foost back, pedals grabs (seatout front) with his left hand (i think) to the left, but otherwise allways hops to the right with his right hand :thinking: !! i think there isn’t a right or wrong way, just the way you learn and are used to. :slight_smile: my other friend however does everything the same way as me so i thought this might be slightly more normal :smiley: just kidding, do wahtever you feel like


Before being interrupted by Grumpy Man today I did a bit of experimenting.

I seem to be able to hop further holding it in my left hand; presumably because this is my stronger arm, and so can control the wobble more. However… I can’t pedalgrab to save my life like this; it’s just all on the wrong side and feels really weird… I pedalgrab onto objects on my left, so I hold the seat in my right hand.

To be fair I generally hold the seat in both when grabbing, but I’m trying to do it with just one hand. It’s working so far; there are these crazy mushroom things with lights on dotted around campus and I managed to get on one of those a few times like that.


Phil, just me