Choctaw Unicycle Club

Hey everybody here’s a video showing a little bit of riding from the club that Anna Jinks and I started.

Everyone in the club has made awesome improvements in the past couple weeks. Well, hope everyone enjoys.
Let me know what ya’ll think.

funny and cool vid!!! :slight_smile:

Cool vid! It’s nice to see different riders in one vid. Especially liked the line in the beginning ^^.

awesome club :roll_eyes:

0:40 Jonny? Cool vid!

looks like a good time riding with ur club. hopefully some day i’ll get to chill with u guys

Yeah cool club :smiley:

that looks wayyy awesome!! keep up the great work!!

Ok I admit, I commented before without watching haha.

But I just watched it and what the??? I get 20 comments saying OMG DONT PLAY WITH TENNIS NETS!!!

And this guy(who did it?) gets none??? Unfair :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: Ah! Tennis nets! Shame on you. just kidding. Sick video, nice to see that you are getting some new people started.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. We have a meeting today at two thirty!!!

Ahah. Could you really not tell who that was, Chris?

Nice Forrest. The club really coming along well. Im glad we have gotten a lot of people interested so far. You did a really good job on the video. Its sweet.

I see its Jonny now :stuck_out_tongue:


I love this video. :slight_smile:

Indeed! :slight_smile: