Chocolate Muni (UK)

Is anyone planning to go to this: -

It’s Yorks (UK) chocolate themed juggling convention and they’re apparently planning to have a Muni ride in the afternoon.

Hmm, That’s literally right next to me. I could seriously spit that far.

Shame I won’t be in York around then really :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s directly over the road from where I was two years ago… but I shall be in Switzerland then this year… :slight_smile:

I believe Joe is going…


So from the British home of chocolate, to arguably the world’s home of chocolate (close run thing with Belgium). Bring us back some Lindt Phil!

Have (chocolatey) fun!


Indeed I am! :slight_smile:

It is a great convention. It was one of my first, and even though they have changed location, it will still be FAB!

Remeber, bake a chocolate cake! and enter it into the compertition! :smiley:

See you there (any one who is going…)