choclate video

the new one.

big 4, double set. double wrap grind.

oh baby

Sick. How long have you been riding?

been riding for 3 years, and the past 2 years seriously.

nice. I like the reverse mount? near the end. never seen that before.

dan cowling did it in aus street weekend (2) i think

yeah its on the street comp video! :D… sweet video btw.

Hey man, Sorry about your cat.
Cool video.

R.I.P. Chocolate.

Sweet vid man
loved it :smiley:

the aussies just love the back foot sliding, go back foot! nice vid

r.i.p choco

back foot looks best. :slight_smile:

Cool video.
Like the grinds and big stairsets.

Peter M

Not to rip on your double rap or anything but did you almost come to a stop? I only ask cause when I did a double I paractically stopped and it killed the flow of the grind.

Other than that i like your style. It reminds me of a more andvanced me.

Really enjoyed the riding, the editing and music. Whoever was videotaping really did a good job with creative angles. Noice!:smiley:

that mounts been around for awhile. for some reason people don’t put many mounts in there vids… which is ashame since they are very fun to do I should make a mount vid…

anyways, very nice video. You weren’t f*cking around when you said big 4 set. I was thinking “oh great… another noob vid” lol.

sorry about chocolate…

The reason I dont do mounts in vids, is plainly because most mounts have an acutal trick that they are plainly the same for… I mean, whats more impressinve, a 3spin mount, or a 3spin?

Great riding. I found it funny the way you landed flat on your balls on that one rail… But its cool cause you got a third testicle :stuck_out_tongue: . Nice vid.

Sorry about your cat, it sucks to lose animals like that.

yeah it was pretty shit, there arent many ledges long enough to do double wraps. i never lost momentum tho, still slid off of the bottom.

You started that doublewrap pretty late, do it from the start and you could easily do a triple.

Cool video man. I liked the music and the sorta laid back style. You took some pretty gnarly bails. Good stuff!

that was tight, was lookin forward to seeing this and it was worth the wait. big 4 was tops, and the double set was epic. well done man, we’ll have to go for another ride soon.