Chocfest5 the unicyclists juggling fest. Those nice folk at York have thought
about wahat anoyes uni riders at conventions and done away with the juggler
under wheel syndrome that can spoil a good day playing with your mates.How, by
having two halls at their Chocfest5 one dayer, one for Unicycing and Big toys,
the other for tossers. Perfect, the juggler types all cram into one and throw
things at each other while we spread ourselfs and our unis over the other and
have room to whiz about, mend unis, swap saddles, try new tricks and teach
newbies. Then there was the afternoon Muni trip around campus, finding lots of
mud for those who like playing in the mud. I should really have sorted my seat
hieght out properly before the muni, but hey, it made it more challengeing only
being able to reach the peddels with my toes. Thank you Andy for helping me sort
it out later. ( new seat post, old shim, slight imcompatability of size…filed
it down just a little, much better now) . The vening saw a show and a choc cake
competion, good showing by Miark in the later, good show by jamie in the former.

Sunday, whislt not a part of chocfest proper was dominated by Unis, a group of
us met up in town for lunch, Clare , Tall Paul and I unied in to town along
the river bank, then joined by Miark after lunch we pottered around town for a
bit. In the evening it was back to Campus for the normal sunday night Juggling
club meeting. I rode out to the Uni on My uni from the station, following the
bus route I’d traved on the day before, as my air saddle had gone flat this
was not a comfortable ride, thank goodness I’d put some foam in there under
the inner tube. Taking the first entrance to the campus I came across I
gratefull to find I was on the route of Chocfests Muni ride and so had some
idea of which way to go.

All told, a good weekend, a good chocfest, good fun. sarah