Howdy all!

I realise I’ve left this to the last minute but is anyone going to ChocFest?

I searched for chocfest and just got this thread.

I’m coming down for it and am bringing my trials uni. I’m gonna go out and try and find some trials/street type terrain in the nearby towns/villages.

Has anyone been to a previous one? Do they know or remember what the area is like round there? Am I likely to get lynched by gangs of marauding chavs? That could be fun…

The thread I linked to mentioned a planned muni ride at one of the previous chocfests, there is no mention of any unicycling at this one but perhaps some unicyclists are planning on coming…

Nice one.


Nope but my friend Dror is going but hes a juggler :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to go but I didn’t get paid enough money last month.