Chinese Unicycle Sighting

I stumbled over this video of what I suspect is a custom made guni. And look at 0:08, it’s idling capable.

Looks like you meant coasting, or freewheeling. Idling would require a fixed gear. So it looks like he’s riding a bike with the front wheel off, and giving his brakes a bit of a workout. Obviously very efficiently and fast!

Oh, yes. Sorry about that. :frowning: Gotta work on my English.

Here is Valentino Rossi doing the same thing:

The guy filming is saying:



“Where’s your other wheel?”

Pretty impressive riding that thing so fast in traffic. Looks like he put some sort of ballast over the rear tire to help him stay up with less effort, but it is impressive nonetheless.

Wait… what was the Elbow Incident??

A perfect opportunity for the old standard, “You lost a wheel!”

Adding weight isn’t going to make the thing easier to control. I think he’s got some sort of a Jim Sowers setup there; a big battery and a small boom box or something. That’s what I thought I heard when he was next to the car… :slight_smile:

Yes it was, followed by the finger. Suzuka 2001.

Unibiker reincarnated.

Not easier to control, but easier to get the front end off the ground.

He must of tilted the seat to make it more level.

The black thing in back is his lunch ?